Purpose is proud to be one of Australia’s most innovative designers and installers of customised entertainment, home technology and automation systems, combining a lifelong fascination for all matters technology with combined knowledge of what’s next in home integration and automation.



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Commercial projects have very different requirements to residential projects, and each commercial project requirement varies massively from one to another. Purpose Group won Best Commercial Project 2018 in our Control4 Industry Awards for Hardiman’s Hotel’s full network and technology Integration. It consists of integrating high quality audio for creating amazing music scenes, audio and visual combinations for sports, movies and trivia and live music entertainment, fully integrated network, point of sale systems and tracking, visual projection for conference and training, and security and CCTV cameras to create a safe space for all staff and patrons.

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Out of just 35 commercial projects entered in this year’s industry awards, Purpose Group won both Best Commercial Project with Hardiman’s Hotel and Runner-up Project with FromHereOn.FromHereOn is a sophisticated heritage listed workspace in central Sydney and technology is a core requirement for their workshop and service delivery. It consists of a fully integrated network, visual projection for global inter-office conferences and workshops, lighting automation and multi-room sound distribution.

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Purpose Group has had some fantastic opportunities to work on some amazing commercial and residential projects. This has allowed us to really demonstrate our strength in setting up powerful networks that supports a whole array of technology and smart devices in the property, integrating them all so they speak to one another and work simultaneously and intuitively with one another. 2018 has been a big year for Purpose Group and we are very grateful to be recognised for our development and performance within our industry.

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Purpose Group had the pleasure of working with Building Guild and Siren Interior Designers in delivering this state of the art work space which technology and user experience being at the core of the project delivery. Our combined efforts delivered a space that is technologically sensational and visually stunning.



Our AV, automation and technology industry is saturated with new brands and products being released every day, there are cheap copies and imitations and companies that spend more on their marketing than they do on developing high-quality products.


We have reviewed and tested many brands and products on the market. Our recommended selection are products that meet or exceed our expectations and we focus on four specific areas — craftsmanship, design, technology, and of course, performance.  All of our products are hand-picked and thoroughly tested by our team and our industry’s top experts.


We are authorised and trained and take pride in creating strong partnerships, whether it’s with brands we have known for years or newcomers that are diamonds in the rough.

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We love our clients and we take pride in what we do and how we represent you. When we manage suppliers, we represent you in ensuring the best outcome is achieved.


We love the freedom to dream, create and innovate. This is achieved through knowing how to have fun. And this is also how great relationships with our clients are developed.


We care about the outcome we achieve for our clients and all the little things that others don’t. Little things can be the bit of the puzzle to creating a game changer, which is why we don’t cut corners.


We respect that every project is different and has different needs. We take the time to understand the needs of our clients and their family’s requirements, this is how we provide great value.



Before you go any further with your revovation or building plans, talk to us about your home entertainment, security and technology requirement. Getting the network set up right from the start will ensure that your network will cope with all the movie and music streaming you enjoy, feed internet hungry mobile devises and set you up for any future add ons you may desire.

Tell us a bit about you and what you're looking for and we will be in touch for a chat very soon.