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Not every home has the space or need for a home cinema, but the desire to have good quality surround sound and big screen TV's to recreate movie nights at home is in our blood. The living room caters for a multitude of uses in today's world. It is where we relax with a cup of tea and read a book, where we sit around and chat with friends and entertain guests, where we unwind after a day's work and watch TV with the family or snuggle up on the couch with a movie. Whatever you use your living room for, there is a solution that will suit your variety of uses.

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The TV has come a long way from its first black and white visual only monitor from the 1920's. Today, a TV is no longer just a visual display. With 4k and now 8k resolution screens, images are sharper and colours are more defined with true-to-nature tones making the whole visual experience so life-like. Furthermore, screens are now an acoustic surface sending out sound for a totally immersive experience. And with TV sizes up to 85" and a variety of speaker options, you can easily create a cinema-like set up in your own living room.

How we use TVs has also evolved. We no longer just watch TV for entertainment, we watch cooking shows, training videos on Youtube, play online games and even conduct video conferencing on our TVs. This is the reason way TVs are now not limited to just the living room. It has a place in any room of a typical home!

If you have a smart home automation system in your home and have CCTV cameras installed around your property, your TV can also be used for quick viewing access of your cameras around the property.



Every living room needs a TV but not everyone wants to have a TV on show all the time. How about a piece of art on the wall that slides to the side to reveal a TV inset into the wall when you want to watch TV. If you have beautiful big windows around your home, have your TV emerge from below your floor (or from inside a low cabinet) so it does not block your view out onto a beautiful landscape. When in bed, your TV could gently swing down from your ceiling and be completely un-noticed when stowed away. Or you could have a simple motion bracket that swings the TV in the living room out to the perfect allocated position so you can watch your favourite cooking show while preparing dinner in the kitchen. Wherever you like to watch TV, there is a mounting solution that will suit your needs. 

For more information on TV mounts and motion brackets, download our TV Mounting Solutions brochure.


Sound systems play a big part in the creation of a totally immersive movie watching experience in your home. Sound bars have helped minimise clutter by consolidating the traditional front right, front left and centre speakers into one powerful speaker for your TV. The sub provides deep base to project rumbles and thunder you can feel, turning your sound bar set up to a 3.1 sound system. Adding two rear speakers lining up with the front left and right speakers turns the 3.1 system into a 5.1 surround sound system. Opting for in-ceiling speakers as an option for the two rear speakers provides the same surround sound experience freeing up floor space or clutter on the walls.

Centralised music control like Sonos allows you to play music in any room of your home. Add any pair of in-ceiling speakers or bookshelf speakers into your existing sound system with a Sonos Amp to create your own multi-room audio set up. You can choose to play different audio in different rooms or group them all into one big party zone. 

Below is an example of a home we worked on with Channel 9 called the Love Shack. The home is made up of 8 independent audio zones and 5 video zones with Sony 4K TVs. These zones can be used independently or grouped together as one big party zone. We chose Sonos because it is a multi-room audio platform that is easy to use and so versatile and the new Sonos Amp brings new power and flexibility that was not previously part of the Sonos offer.

Entertainment zones in this home includes:

1. Living Room Music / 4K TV

2. Kitchen / Dining Room Music / 4K TV

3. Office Music

4. Master Bedroom & Ensuite Music / 4K TV

5. TV Room Music / 4K TV

6. Outdoor Dining & Living Music

7. Alfresco Music

8. Pool Area Music

Download our Love Shack brochure for more information and inspiration on what went into the ultimate entertainer's home.


Networks are the heart of every home and workplace, it powers and manages all the technology, equipment, appliances and systems you have on your premises. Without it, our homes and offices just won’t perform to its optimum potential. Like our vehicles, technology requires regular software updates and maintenance to ensure performance is at its optimum.

PurposeCare is a service that provides remote and onsite monitoring and management options along with regular maintenance of your home and business network and systems for the people and places in your care. We will get a notification if any device or appliance goes offline so we can be on top of rectifying the problem to get you back online as soon as possible. 


What makes a home smart?



Creating different lighting scenes to suit the usage of your room just the way you like it is simple to create. Program for full work mode lighting to moody dinner scene to very dim cinema mode to relaxing scene, all at the touch of a button.



Motorised curtains and blinds are silent and move with synchronicity. We have blind fabrics that cater for any application — heat reflective, block-out, sheer, decorative, whatever you desire, we can find the right solution for you.



Climate control, like lighting and music are set up in zones to allow us greater control in creating the right climate in different parts of our homes for the most comfortable setting to work, host dinners, or simply to chill with loved ones.



Door station and CCTV cameras capture movement around your home. It takes a photo of every person that rings your doorbell and sends it directly to your mobile phone wherever you are in the world. 



Whether you like to have access to different TV or movie channels in different rooms, different music in different rooms, or combining all rooms into one big party zone, you can manage and control it from anywhere.


Setting up your network so that it can manage all these demands is vital to ensuring you not only have fast internet speeds but also to minimise downtime so you can play movies and music without having to deal with hiccups along the way.



With our total control platform, a quick glance at your phone and you are able to know exactly how much energy you are using, identify your high-use areas & the most energy hungry appliances so you can manage usage accordingly.



Purpose manage all aspects of your residential or commercial technology integration project—from concept to completion and we work very closely with your architect, interior designer and builder to make their process management easy.



PurposeCare is a service that provides remote monitoring and management of your home and business network and systems so downtime is reduced and any issues that might arise resolved efficiently.



Before you go any further with your revovation or building plans, talk to us about your home entertainment, security and technology requirement. Getting the network set up right from the start will ensure that your network will cope with all the movie and music streaming you enjoy, feed internet hungry mobile devises and set you up for any future add ons you may desire.

Tell us a bit about you and what you're looking for and we will be in touch for a chat very soon.