The Granton is Brighton's luxury mature living residence with well thought through floor plans, social spaces and beautiful finishes that delivers a space that is simply enjoyable. 

The brief was to design and create a luxury 15 seat cinema that the residents can access as an extension of their personal apartment.


The size of the room we have to work with is approximately 5.5m by 7.5m. We chose a floor to ceiling projection screen along with an Epson 4K projector. Behind the screen sits a set of powerful Krix cinematic speakers, on-wall surrounds and Triad in-ceiling Atmos speakers. Beautiful velvet curtains line the cinema walls and provide added acoustic absorption. We paired that with a Sony 4K BluRay player and Apple TV so residents can access Netflix, Stan, Prime and other streaming video services. Controlling it all is Control4 with a on-wall touch screen for audio and video control and also lighting automaton with preset 'All On', 'Movie', 'Intermission' and 'All Off' scenes.  The cinema is designed to accommodate 14 recliner seats and space allowing for a wheelchair if required. 

Granton Screen.jpg


  • Control4 Automation

  • Krix Cinematic Speakers

  • Krix On-wall Surrounds

  • Triad In-ceiling Atmos Speakers

  • Anthem Processor and Amplification

  • Sony UHD BluRay Player